April 2019:

Alex Smyth feels his way through Tangled Art + Disability’s latest installation, “Outliers on Tour,” and chats with the artists - like Michel Dumont - behind them. 🖼️ 🎨

March 2019:

Tangled Art + Disability Outliers Artist Talk featuring Michel Dumont, Chris “Bucko” Binkowski, & Eugene LeFrancois. Moderated by Kristina McMullin. The first question answered by Eugene was not recorded due to technical issues. We hear from Eugene in Part 2.

Myseum Toronto caught the only footage of this March 8th performance piece at Tangled Arts + Disability:

January 2019

"Urban Infill: Art in the Core" by RJ Nadon using footage from Urban Infill 2018. Cued up to 2:32.

January 2018:

Documentation of the vernissage for Queer & Peace on Jan 25th, at 5:30 pm in the Warren G Flowers Gallery at Dawson College, Montreal. Featuring special performances and works of art by Daniel Barrow, Dayna Danger, Michel Dumont, Selina Edinger, Yue Feng Jiang Ben Liu, Jennifer Lynch, Kent Monkman, Catherine Opie, Monica Victoria and Christian Wick. Queer and Peace - Vernaissage from Dawson College on Vimeo.

May 2017

Michel Dumont est un artiste de Thunder Bay aux origines francophones et métisses. Il parlait français et ojibwé lorsqu'il était enfant, langues dont il a perdu l'usage. Aujourd'hui père de Sterling, il témoigne de l'importance qu'il porte à la langue française.

June 2016:

An introduction and brief biography of Artist Michel Dumont. Directed by Tony McGuire Associate Producer: Madison Codeiro Camera: Madison Codeiro Camera: Josh Fitzgerald This video was made possible via a new program Theymedia offers called "They: Indie Support."